WOW 4 Ever

Supported Owners

If you have purchased a WOW Saddle you automatically become a member of the WOW4Ever™ Club.

As a Supported Owner you have access to:

  • Saddle fitting clinics to see the latest in products, held at various locations through-out the country during the year
  • a free annual re-balancing of your saddle when you bring your horse to a clinic
  • access to special events
  • preferential pricing on saddles and components
  • and as much advice as you could possibly want on your saddle.

The WOW Ambassador

These are WOW owners who reflect and share the joy and value of owning a WOW saddle.

Ambassadors have introduced others to the joy of WOW. Where that introduction has resulted in another member of the WOW4Ever™ community (they have bought a saddle), receives credit of 10% towards their next saddle up to a maximum of 50%.

Five introductions resulting in five new members delivers 50% off the price of your next saddle.

In addition to the benefits of a WOW Owner, Ambassadors also receive additional support in fitting and re-balancing of their saddles and in re-purposing components should they find it necessary to change out flaps and panels.

The WOW Athlete

There are a select few who gain additional support – the equivalent of a sponsored rider but these riders have chosen to ride in the saddle first.

Identified as having the talent, potential and perseverance to compete at the highest national and international levels, we are keen to support them in their pursuit of excellence.

We do this in conjunction with WOW Saddles, WOW Saddles Australia, Kiah Equine, our partner company Kiah Consulting, and sometimes our local resellers such as Sue Brown of Kirkley Hill Equine. Support varies depending on location, level, sport and individual performance.

It can include saddles of course, access to training facilities through to provision of a high level horse, as with Algebra, and support through our international network for an international campaign as we did with Natalie Blundell.

Our passion is excellence, our endeavour is to use our capacity to foster Australian talent to be amongst the best in the world.

Michael Hirons on Maurice the Brave, appointed to the NSW High Performance Squad.

Eleanor Osborne, QLD Talent Squad.

Algebra, the Kiah Equine thoroughbred, competing at Luhmullen 2014 under Natalie Blundell.

Olympian Paul Tapner and Kilronan.

Trusted by Professionals

"The horses are all much freer through their shoulders both on the flat and when jumping. I love the ease of adaptability to fit different horses, being able to fine tune them and make subtle changes to the balance while on board which would be impossible in a traditionally flocked saddle."

Francis Whittington

"Since using the Wow saddle I have felt a huge difference in Affinity Bay's way of going. He has the ability to come up more through the shoulder which allows him more easily to come under with his quarters and 'sit' in work such as canter pirouettes."

Daisy Coakley

"My horses are far to valuable to me in every way, to consider using something as vitally important as a saddle, for any reason other than the horse's ability to perform to the very best of its' ability& WOW and Flair are a major step forward in the way we saddle our horses."

Richard Davison

"I chose to use my jump Wow saddle to be safe and secure in such a big atmosphere, and absolutely loved getting to gallop in the main arena Championship just before the Derby! Annacotty and I qualified for the RoR Tattersalls Show Final back in may at Stafford County Show. Riding in the Final at Hickstead in his first year of retraining was a dream come true."

Hannah Bishop

Megan Davies tells us why she rates the WOW Jumping Saddle.

Industry Insights

Horses change shape – so should your saddle

Horses change shape – so should your saddle

It is a well-known fact that horses change shape Or maybe it is not – A horse can feel a fly land – so obviously changes in the rider’s weight distribution are going to affect the horse. I suspect we just do not appreciate how little change is needed to alter the way...

Sweat marks and Flair

Sweat marks and Flair

As with most things Flair we have to think about this a little differently than the “stable myths” would have us think. For example, you are unlikely to have an even dampness from sweat under the saddle. The Flair is a soft air fill, it is designed to move with the...

Saddle fitting in your hands

Saddle fitting in your hands

Saddle fitting is complicated. Trying a lot of off-the-rack saddles will get a close fit. You can have them modified by a saddle-fitter. Better yet, you can have a saddler build a perfectly fitting saddle, which will fit when its built but cannot accommodate the...