WOW Saddle Features

Wither Profile

WOW™ offers 3 different types of headplate we call “V”, “U” and “UU”styles, shown below and they all fit in the same tree!

WOW™ tree has been proven to fit both the very highest withered horse to the very widest cold blood horse with just the change of a headplate.  However, if doing this it is likely that one may require a different panel.

Most saddle manufacturers will only supply trees with angles from 80 degrees (narrow) to 110 degrees (extra wide).

WOW™ offers a range of 73 to 143 degrees!  And now we have 3 different types of headplate we call “V”, “U” and “UU”styles, shown below and they all fit in the same tree!

The three Spinal profiles are:

  • “U”  The most commonly used headplates and are available in 11 different sizes from 73 – 143 degrees. 
  • “V”  For horses with very narrow spinal processes and very little shoulder (rarely used).
  • “UU”  For horses with exceptionally wide spinal processes and musculature.

The “V” and “UU” styles are available in only five sizes 73, 80, 87, 94 and 101 degrees. 

The different headplate styles allow you to ensure the correct balance of your saddle, they are not used to fit different withers widths.“V” type (that one would assume is used on a very narrow horse) may well suit a downhill horse with broad withers because it keeps the pommel up and the saddle in balanced, where the “UU” type on the same horse would allow the saddle to rock because the front of the saddle is not supported.

Changing the headplate is incredibly easy because the WOW™ tree has the ability to easily form around whatever headplate shape we put in it.  Just remove the two 6mm bolts, swap the headplate and replace the bolts.

Our narrowest fit is narrower than most manufactures and our widest fit is the equivalent of an 8X wide!

Three spinal profiles and up to 11 different sizes. A headplate to suit almost every horse.

“U”  The most commonly used headplate, “V”  for very narrow horses and “UU” for horses with exceptionally wide spinal processes and musculature.

Trusted by Professionals

"The horses are all much freer through their shoulders both on the flat and when jumping. I love the ease of adaptability to fit different horses, being able to fine tune them and make subtle changes to the balance while on board which would be impossible in a traditionally flocked saddle."

Francis Whittington

"Since using the Wow saddle I have felt a huge difference in Affinity Bay's way of going. He has the ability to come up more through the shoulder which allows him more easily to come under with his quarters and 'sit' in work such as canter pirouettes."

Daisy Coakley

"My horses are far to valuable to me in every way, to consider using something as vitally important as a saddle, for any reason other than the horse's ability to perform to the very best of its' ability& WOW and Flair are a major step forward in the way we saddle our horses."

Richard Davison

"I chose to use my jump Wow saddle to be safe and secure in such a big atmosphere, and absolutely loved getting to gallop in the main arena Championship just before the Derby! Annacotty and I qualified for the RoR Tattersalls Show Final back in may at Stafford County Show. Riding in the Final at Hickstead in his first year of retraining was a dream come true."

Hannah Bishop

Megan Davies tells us why she rates the WOW Jumping Saddle.

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