The WOW Reseller Program

The WOW Ambassador

We include the WOW Ambassador as an entry into the reseller program. This is a referral program and many have started this way using it to build their understanding and comfort of the product and the business. It’s a low cost entry, low risk and quite high reward.

This approach has suited instructors, physio’s and other equestrian professionals. A few clever people have conducted clinics through clubs or privately as a great way to start brand and market awareness locally.

As most of the effort, servicing and follow-up is still carried by us or another reseller the benefits are limited. Five introductions, saddle at 50% plus other benefits.

The WOW Agent

This is the most common entry point for a WOW reseller.

As an agent we would place a start-up array of the most common product with you, allowing sales and trials. We would support you with advice, additional product and visits as required. You would be expected to undertake a structured saddle fitting and product awareness training program, usually done at Kiahequine, though in some circumstances it may be done at your location.

This is a significant investment by us and in return we would be looking for growth of a business. Typically this starts with supported clinics and customer visits, with fairly quick development to a more independent business model with confidence and experience.

Some choose to stay as Agents but it is really seen a a stepping stone to an independent reseller, funded by your success as an Agent.

The WOW Reseller

As a WOW Reseller you own your own stock and run an independent business.

This is the most self-determining and rewarding stage.

Some have used it to complement other equine ventures and have become quite well-known and influential in the community. Being a WOW Reseller can be most rewarding on many levels.

The ideal reseller

Being a WOW Reseller or Agent is not simple and it is not for everyone. Firstly you have to be knowledgeable about horses and have at least a rudimentary understanding of the physiology. You don’t have to be an expert rider but you will need to understand what riders need and are talking about.

You will be passionate about saddle fitting, not simply sales. WOW Saddles are not sold off the shelf. They need to be fitted to horse and rider, suitable for purpose. You will embrace the concept that WOW4LifeT™ starts with service and ends with support – and that engagement with a customer is not about a satisfactory sale but satisfaction with the saddle.

We anticipate Resellers and Agents to invest in their business: firstly by pursuing knowledge and training. Some of this is provided by us through attendance at a WOW saddle fitting and product awareness program, but one would expect a professional to seek excellence in their profession.

The Ideal Reseller also invest in their business – how to sell, marketing, awareness, clinics – all of which we are keen to support. We invest where you invest.

Resellers and Agents often have involvement in other equestrian ventures: physio’s and bodyworkers, instructors, agistment and so on. The knowledge, experience and investment becomes complementary.

Others start the equine business venture with WOW, coming with the experience of participation and competition. That was our pathway.

Reseller Support

We do not think “hope is a plan”. Resellers and Agents are not dumped with some product and we all hope that it works. It almost certainly will not.

Nationally we provide a marketing campaign, typically online and in targeted publications at selected times. We regularly have stands at major trade shows and events such as Equitana and significant competitions in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. We have also appeared at Camperdown, in Queensland and at local events. Leads generated through these activities are forwarded back to local Resellers for follow through.

We have national profile through the WOW Athlete program, with high performance athletes in 3 states. The WOW4LifeT™ program is offered in support of your clients.

Local initiatives such as clinics, presentations, local training and even individual saddle fits are supported. More effort is given to those who are new than those who are experienced and well established with WOW.

Effort begets effort: if you put in, we put in.

There is common training, product updates and marketing material. We are establishing an annual get together in 2015 of agents and resellers so you can learn from each other.

A difficult fit? Gain virtual support through your phone or iPad.

There is a national quality management program designed to ensure everyone is contributing to the standard that benefits all our reputations. Where we are lacking we look for remedies through product development and refined training.

We will work with you to develop a local marketing and sales campaign, assist with your implementation, and agree the level of support to be provided. We will agree targets so we can measure success, or adapt. We will be delighted to consider good ideas that will support you in your business.

Trusted by Professionals

"The horses are all much freer through their shoulders both on the flat and when jumping. I love the ease of adaptability to fit different horses, being able to fine tune them and make subtle changes to the balance while on board which would be impossible in a traditionally flocked saddle."

Francis Whittington

"Since using the Wow saddle I have felt a huge difference in Affinity Bay's way of going. He has the ability to come up more through the shoulder which allows him more easily to come under with his quarters and 'sit' in work such as canter pirouettes."

Daisy Coakley

"My horses are far to valuable to me in every way, to consider using something as vitally important as a saddle, for any reason other than the horse's ability to perform to the very best of its' ability& WOW and Flair are a major step forward in the way we saddle our horses."

Richard Davison

"I chose to use my jump Wow saddle to be safe and secure in such a big atmosphere, and absolutely loved getting to gallop in the main arena Championship just before the Derby! Annacotty and I qualified for the RoR Tattersalls Show Final back in may at Stafford County Show. Riding in the Final at Hickstead in his first year of retraining was a dream come true."

Hannah Bishop

Megan Davies tells us why she rates the WOW Jumping Saddle.

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