About WOW Australia

Kiah Equine and WOW™

Kiah Equine is the Australian importer and distributor of the WOW™ product range.

The design is clever, it moves beyond intuition and “feel”, basing the design on measurement of weight and pressure, physiology of horse and rider, and sensible manufacturing principles.

Products are available either online, directly from Kiah Equine or through our re-seller network.

The Science of WOW™

The saddle is the link between horse and rider. Obvious. We need a saddle that carries the rider well on the horses back while allowing freedom of movement for the horse – without injury!

Here are the principles, for the horse:

  • The saddle should carry the weight of the rider evenly on the largest possible surface areas along the length of the back between the 4 and 17th ribs.
  • There should be no bridging or localised pressure points.
  • The saddle must carry the weight of the rider longitudinally  along the back while keeping the rider off the horse’s spine. This is the purpose of the saddle tree.
  • The saddle should be wide enough to clear the withers and sit off the shoulder to allow freedom of movement of the shoulder. This is the saddle gullet.
  • there should be no constraint or impediment to the horses shoulder movement, often a problem where the front of the saddle “bars”, part of the tree called points, reach forward of the last rib and constrict movement.
  • the seat must be positioned such that when a rider is sitting correctly, the rider is placed over the centre of balance of the horse.

The saddle must also fit the rider:

  • The length of the seat should suit the size of the rider.
  • The width should suit the seat bones of the rider.
  • The seat should be designed for the comfort of men and women.
  • The seat should encourage the rider to sit squarely and in the right position while assisting in balancing the rider over the horses centre of gravity.
  • Flaps should suit the discipline, the riders length of leg and comfort.
  • The placement of the stirrups should assist the rider to maintain balance over the saddle while the horse is moving.

What you need.

Its simple in concept – a saddle that fits both horse and rider. But it is complicated and there is one further catch. The saddle needs to change as the horse changes shape, and they do. This is usually done by re-flocking, an arduous process, and a limited adjustment in some saddles by adjusting the head-plate. Its not enough.

If you can have a saddle that can be easily adjusted to meet the changing shape of horses, then you can also adjust the saddle when you change horses. An almost infinite number of variables.

How it used to work.

You either bought as saddle off the shelf and made it fit as best you could, or you built one from the ground up.

If it’s off the shelf it’s a matter of trail and error.

If it’s bespoke, some saddle fitters are better than others!

Every time you need it altered – call the saddle fitter.

How WOW™ works.

We make a modular saddle – standard flaps, panels, seats and head plates, in a thousand shapes and sizes, go together in differing combinations to closely match the uniqueness of you and your horse.

The final fitting is made onsite by adjusting the amount of air in the panels.

Make a mistake? Let the air out and do it again.

Horse changes shape? Change the air or change a module.

Trusted by Professionals

"The horses are all much freer through their shoulders both on the flat and when jumping. I love the ease of adaptability to fit different horses, being able to fine tune them and make subtle changes to the balance while on board which would be impossible in a traditionally flocked saddle."

Francis Whittington

"Since using the Wow saddle I have felt a huge difference in Affinity Bay's way of going. He has the ability to come up more through the shoulder which allows him more easily to come under with his quarters and 'sit' in work such as canter pirouettes."

Daisy Coakley

"My horses are far to valuable to me in every way, to consider using something as vitally important as a saddle, for any reason other than the horse's ability to perform to the very best of its' ability& WOW and Flair are a major step forward in the way we saddle our horses."

Richard Davison

"I chose to use my jump Wow saddle to be safe and secure in such a big atmosphere, and absolutely loved getting to gallop in the main arena Championship just before the Derby! Annacotty and I qualified for the RoR Tattersalls Show Final back in may at Stafford County Show. Riding in the Final at Hickstead in his first year of retraining was a dream come true."

Hannah Bishop

Megan Davies tells us why she rates the WOW Jumping Saddle.

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