Choose from our WOW™ product range. Whether you’re building a new saddle or looking for a part, you’ll find flaps and accessories for a variety of saddle styles.

Seat styles

The WOW™ saddle has a unique seat that is designed to make best use of the shape of our legs. Most saddles give us nothing to hold on to, giving a totally smooth line running from the skirts over the stirrup bars down to the flap.

The WOW™ has a deliberate step between flap and seat creating a hollow that the leg sits into on either side of the tree. This promotes more stability and security by giving the leg something to wrap around rather than sitting on top.


Dressage flaps

Browse the range of Dressage, General Purpose and Jumping flaps. Most WOW Saddle flaps can come either a traditional butt (solid) leather or a quilted padded leather version.

General Purpose flaps

We have a General Purpose range for all types of riders: The General Purpose Moveable Block flap is truly a multi-discipline flap with the ability to position the knee block for dressage or for proper jumping. An ideal choice for those with short upper legs or horses that do not have shoulder sufficient for the cut of a GP. The General Purpose Fixed Block flap has a very positive knee block for jumping. It is an excellent choice for hunters or eventers that do not wish to change flaps.

Jumping flaps

Our new additions to the range of Jumping flaps is the Bramham Showjumper and Cross Country!

Range, Styles and Accessories

“WOW Saddles technology is state of the art, which helps both the horse and rider achieve maximum performance and comfort. I can highly recommend the saddle to anyone who wants to get more out of your horse.” Natalie Blundell

The Edge Range

The Classique Range

Other saddle styles


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