Unique Features

WOW Saddles are unique in so many ways.

There are eleven key features that make WOW Saddles unique.

  • Lateral flexion
  • Headplate width
  • Multiple panel types
  • Flair
  • 4x Flap positions
  • Modular
  • Y-shaped tree
  • Wither profile
  • Pointless Panel System™ (PPS)
  • Double stirrup bar

These feature allow a complete custom fit making it comfortable for the horse and rider.

Lateral flexion distributes rider weight symmetrically

Lateral flexion

We asked the question, what does the horse want from a tree?

The panels are filled with air


Yes, the panels of the saddle are filled with air!

WOW™ has a very unique patented tree which is a “Y” shaped carbon fibre frame.

Y-shaped tree

The patented tree is a “Y” shaped carbon fibre frame.

The double stirrup bar provides two stirrup positions

Double stirrup bar

Change leg positions for Jumping or Dressage.

Headplate width

Easily forms around whatever headplate shape we put in it.

Lateral flexion distributes rider weight symmetrically

4x flap positions

Flaps can be rotated by the rider forward or backwards.

Have your WOW saddle fitted by a trained WOW fitter.

Wither profile

Your saddle should be fitted by a trained WOW fiiter.

Try WOW saddles anatomique seat

Anatomique seat

The anatomique seat provides comfort for horse and rider.

WOW™ offers 15 standard panel types

Multiple panel types

There are 420 standard combinations of fittings!

The seat, panels and flaps of the saddle are all available separately


The different components let alter all of its’ characteristics.

Try the WOW Pointless Panel System™

Pointless Panel System™

The patented Pointless Panel System™ or PPS.

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