The Edge Range

First Thought Equine Ltd, the designers of WOW Saddles, have created a new range called the EDGE collection, which through popular demand includes a brand new Show Saddle.

The EDGE saddles differ from the existing WOW range, offering a traditional outside but with all the patented WOW technology that has proven to enhance movement and improve muscle development in horses across the disciplines. The EDGE collection also utilises the same revolutionary WOW tree, which is laterally flexible whilst longitudinally rigid. This combined with the unique Pointless Panel System, which provides a bigger support area than an equivalent size western saddle, means horses are able to move more correctly through the shoulder.

First Thought Equine Ltd have stayed true to their principle of giving as much fitting choice for the horse by using the same inter-changeable headplate and panels, thus giving over 200 fitting combinations! The range of tree fittings is also extensive, from extra narrow all the way to 8X wide, which means that you can now have a showing saddle with all the inter-changeability you could need, especially useful for horses that change shape throughout the year.

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The Edge Showjumper


The Edge Showjumper is a traditional close contact dual flap saddle with short girthing. The saddle, whilst looking more traditional is WOW through and through, sharing the same tree and panel construction that make WOW so outstanding in performance.

For the rider, the seat around the pommel has been narrowed to allow the rider to take a more forward seat required for showjumping. The rider can use normal stirrup leathers and there is a groove in the flap with a hidden stirrup leather keeper to minimise bulk under the leg.

There is an option to use a short girth, dressage length, which will increase the feel for the rider of the horse by removing the bulk of the buckles and buckle guards from under the flap. We feel this type of girthing arrangement is superior in its function but is not what every rider likes.

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The Edge Classic


The Classic has a moveable block and has a narrow seat in front of the twist to allow the rider to be positioned more forward in the saddle as preferred by many show jumpers. The saddle has an dual flap that allows for either short or long girth billets to be used. The block velcro in to place to give plenty of options. there is also the possibility to have a calf block under the flap as well if required.

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The Edge Dressage


Lengths Available – Standard, +1″ & +2”

Description – The Club Dressage has deep seat and a giant high block set even higher. The seat and flap are not inter-changeable or moveable in position.

A lot of men prefer this seat and flap combination. It is Richard Davison’s and Wayne Channon’s preferred combination. The seat only being deep and not extra deep allows the pelvis to be dropped back slightly. We can also do this saddle with any extra deep seat if required but remember you can’t swap the flaps like you can on the WOW’s!

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The Edge Showing

Code – CONT+CB

Lengths Available – Standard

Description – this flap is identical to the Continental but has the addition of a calf block for lower leg security.

Price Band B only

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